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Check Out These Cleaning Tips For Your Workout / Gym Clothes

Updated: Oct 6, 2023

All across the country, we have been experiencing hotter-than-normal temperatures (but then again, what is normal nowadays??). It's not just hot out, it's hot hot! ☀️ I'm not complaining, in fact, you'll never hear me complain about the heat after "weathering" through the brutal cold temps of Chicago. But this extra dose of intensive sweat is for the birds! Is anyone else changing clothes and showering multiple times a day? Sweating through gym clothes and leaving sweat stains on your favorite tank tops? Well, here are a few laundry hacks I've picked up along the way that have revived my workout clothes from dingy and stinky to so fresh and so clean.


1️⃣ To preserve the quality and color of fabric and for a deeper clean, wash your workout clothes inside-out.

2️⃣ Use cold water when washing. Hot water can cause stains to set in the fabric and can actually break down the elasticity of your favorite leggings.

3️⃣ A little vinegar and baking soda goes a long way. I know this seems counterintuitive, but soaking your sweaty workout clothes in vinegar and cold water before throwing them in the washer or adding the vinegar/baking soda mix to the rinse cycle will help eliminate sweaty odors and stains.

I hope these help you as much as they have helped me. Stay cool!


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